Knowledge is power! If you want to climb the career ladder confidently, join our training programs designed to help you gain more power!

We provide various training programs in the following areas :

Leadership Development Program

This program was designed based on experiential learning theories to increase your technical knowledge and improve your coaching skills. We work with the leaders of an organization to help them maximize their competencies and lead their teams well.

Participating in in-class role-playing and completing the required coaching sessions hours will help you apply theoretical knowledge in real life under the direct supervision of our experts.

We are still working on other helpful training programs to support you in improving your consulting and research skills.

Research Methods and Statistics

This training program includes various topics ranging from what a variable is to where one can use one-way MANOVA. Statistics are widely used in the social sciences and business.

This training program provides an opportunity for participants to understand the rationale underlying the use of statistics and procedures and how to get the best analyses out of data.

In this course, participants will also establish an understanding of various research approaches, tools, and techniques for collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data and implementing a mixed-methods approach.

These available training programs are designed and delivered by our researcher-consultant team members. They are available in English and Turkish.