Lead and Win Despite Disruptive Changes with our unique and novel leadership development program, developed by considering disciplines such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Neuroscience, and Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

According to Forbes, organizations spend $366 billion on leadership development programs around the world. Despite this investment, more than 75% of organizations report that their leaders’ current knowledge, skills, and abilities are not sufficient to execute their organizational strategies successfully (Thornton, 2018).

To bring a solution to this problem, we are currently developing a trans-disciplinary resilient leadership development program that intersects artificial intelligence, neuropsychology, and industrial–organizational psychology.


Leadership Development Program

A resilient leader is to someone who can sustain their energy levels under pressure, cope with disruptive changes, and adapt—and these are the critical components of resilient organizations. Our unique and novel leadership development program aims to enhance your leaders’ resilient capacities by applying different industrial–organizational psychology, neuroleadership, and AI machine learning methods. It is the first program of its kind in the world.