As a socially responsible organization, we are committed to training socially responsible and qualified researchers and consultants to increase the resilience of organizations and societies tomorrow as we do today.

How We Solve This Project

Resilient organizations are the foundation of resilient communities. As a socially responsible organization, we want to foster socially responsible and highly skilled researchers-consultants for generations.

We are committed to this goal by empowering our students to reach their full potential and use their technical and practical skills to benefit organizations and communities.

High-potential researchers-consultants will have access to all resources provided by our academy. They will also be trained by professors (experienced researchers-consultants) based on challenging blended training programs.

In addition, we will support them in developing their technical skills by putting them into practice under the direct supervision of the professors in our consulting centre.

We highly encourage all students (masters and doctorate) who want to specialize in organizational and leadership resilience to apply to our High-Potential Researcher-Consultant Development Program.